Vignettes #1 Matthew  
'Vignette #1 Matthew' starring acclaimed Australian dancer Matthew Morris. Matthew wants to be skinned when he dies. He talks about his desire to have his tattooed skin curated, made into new objects and have a new life after his death.  
Shot in the beautiful Banking Hall on Cornhill in the City Of London, I wanted to subvert the space, put something animal inside it. 
Mathew and I worked together to develop some core choreography leaving him space to improvise and allow the piece to find itself in the moment. No music was played at the time, we took the footage away, cut it, then sent it to composer Dominic Glynn to work his magic to the image.  
Vignettes is exactly as it sounds, an ongoing portfolio of visual portraits, released individually at first before being brought together as one piece.
Directed and produced by: Tom Bacon
Cinematographer/Editor: Tom Gates
Original music by: Dominic Glynn
Camera assist: Owen Stark
Costume: Kate Wood
Location: Banking Hall, Cornhill, London

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